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  • Globe Sizes:

    Weight: 7000 lbs
    19'- 6" the Globe is 14'-6" diameter that sit atop a 5' Hydraulic Base
    Width of the Outriggers: (anti- tipping stabilizers): FootPrint =18'
    Globe pieces: 13 ( 6 top panels bolted together to 6 bottom panels with a top plate to solidify the globe)


    Question 1.) How Big is the Globe of Death Ball you ride?

    Globes can vary in size from 12' to 21' in Diameter, We ride a globe that
    is 14'-6" inside diameter

    Question 2.) How Fast (Miles Per Hour) do you ride inside the Globe during a show?

    Answer: The speed varies with the Number of riders inside and the size of the globe, we ride about 30-37 Mph inside of our globe, larger globes require larger engines so it is more likely that other acts go faster inside the globe. The smaller the globe will undoubtly look like we are traveling faster but in reality we are traveling slower but doing more Revolutions per minute.

    Question 3.) How Long have you been riding?

    Answer: I have been riding for 17 years, although I have been around this act since 1986.

    Question 4.) How many Globe of Deaths are there in the World?

    Answer: About 20 of them known at this time...

    Question 5.) Who Invented this Act?

    Answer: This is a very Undetermined question, I have proof that the Globe of Death was Patented in 1903 but not for the use with a motorcycle. I have photos of globe acts from as far back as 1947, but I keep getting more and more photos and historical info every week, I do appreciate any photos and will post any vintage photos that you send in. See Patent Globe Click Here

    Question 6.) Do you get Paid well?

    Answer: It is a good living, way better that McDonalds... if you were asked when you were young; "Would you like to See the World, and get paid to do it... Would you?" just think of all the people who have never left the confines of the city in which they grew up in, remember you get one chance in life... the world we live in is Beautiful, no matter what CNN says.

    Question 7.) What Kind of Bikes do you ride?

    Answer: We prefer Yamaha RT 100, the bikes we have are of course modified. They have custom wheels, tires, beefed up suspension, custom exhaust, and custom Carbon Fiber Uni-bodies. See Photo Here

    Question 8.) HAVE YOU EVER CRASHED?

    Answer: YES!!! this is the always dreaded question we get, click here for our latest Injury. Our own Chris " Paul Igou Crashed on stage and Broke His Femur, He was rushed to the hospital and the doctors put a stainless steel rod in his leg and secured it with 3 screws. He was back riding in the show 5 weeks later.

    Question 9.) Has Anyone ever died in the Globe?

    Answer: Yes, 3 people known to date, we are getting the exact names of those people at this time. These 3 unfortunate individuals lost their lives from 1949-1997.Check back once and a while for updates.

    Question 10.) What is it like to ride in the Globe?

    Answer: Simple analogy; it is like being on a Merry-go-Round... you are spinning the same speed as the other riders, so if the other rider gets close to you, you know to speed up or slow down. this is the same principle, but not quite the real effect. Remember you have a motorcycle that you have to control speed, balance, and timing! Stopping is the Fun Part!!! There is not much room to stop and you have to stop from full speed without hitting the other riders.

    Beyond the 10th question...

    Question 11.) What got you started riding the Globe of Death?

    Answer: I was a BMX freestyle rider (like on x-games), I was performing on stage in Las Vegas in a show called "SPLASH" and I was doing BMX freestyle riding on a skateboard ramp from 1986- 1999, After the contract had ended we were getting bookings to do State Fairs, car shows, conventions and every type of stunt show you can think about, the guy who was booking my BMX act would also book a Globe act at the same event and most of the time the Globe riders would not show up, at that time there were very few globe riders and they were sometime too busy to get to every event... so that is when the booking agent offered us (BMX riders) to learn the Globe and make a "Double Paycheck..."). So in 1991 we started the training process.. and in 1997 I decided it was time to get my own Globe act... and the rest is history... here we are today!

    Question 12.) What do like about performing?

    Answer: I like travelling, and recognition for a sport that has been around for 100 years and there are less than 100 riders in the world!

    Question 13.) How Many countries have you been to?

    Answer: Japan, Australia, Mexico, Canada, All of Europe, All of South America, Aruba and Korea

    Question 14.) DO you ride with the same partners all of the time?

    Answer: NO, I hire riders on a availability basis, there are not alot of riders and there are some shows in Vegas that need the riders full time and/or riders are on the road travelling. I get lucky to have certain partners who make themselves available to me when I need them, we are all Independant Contractors so we have to take what we can get sometimes.

    Question 15.) How long do expect to ride for?

    Answer: Well since Globe riding is a technique and basically a controlled choreographed routine. I expect I can perform until I am aroud 50. We have many 50 year old riders still performing. It is real hard your lower back....

    Question 16.) How long does it take to learn to Ride the Globe?

    Answer: It takes about 2 years of training, we can teach any monkey to go in a circle... and we can teach anyone to ride the globe... but, not everyone can Learn the Globe. Some people cannot get it, they cannot understand the globe, how to lean, how to keep a consistant speed, be able to use thier periferal vision inside the globe or even the concept and execution how to Stop! So many times the person will have an accident and then just never want to come back. If you fall off the horse, you must get back on or you will be afraid of it forever after that.

    If you have more questions not listed on here, feel free to call me.


    John Stotts


    Thank you,

    John Stotts


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